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Its important to know what will happen during your free hearing consultation, and because we provide this in the comfort of your home, we hope it will be an informative, interesting but also a relaxing test. 

Check your hearing using our online test. Click the link below. Headphones and a quiet environment required.

There are 4 stages.


This bit is down to you. Tell us where you are struggling, and where you hear well. Whats important to you, and what can be improved.  We will ask the opinion of your nearest and dearest if they are there, to get their thoughts too. We will listen so the best solution is chosen to meet your needs.


After covering some medical questions, we will inspect the health of your outer ear and the TM (Eardrum). We will even show you this on a Video Otoscope so you can see for yourself.  All being well, and there are no reasons not to proceed (ie blocked with wax) you will be tested to BSA standards using an advanced noise cancelling calibrated audiometer incorporating ear inserts and headphones.  The KuduWave  enables us to offer you a test at home, just like you were sat in a sound proof booth. We will also undertake some speech testing in noise 


We have our final Audiogram! We'll take you through in detail what the results mean and how they relate to your own issues that you brought to our attention earlier.  We will also cover how they compare to normal hearing, the most common issues arising from the loss, and the type of loss present. Hearing results will fall somewhere between acceptable, mild, moderate or severe/profound. If we complete a Speech in Noise test, we will also explain this.


Having discussed your problem areas, and completed your test we can now look at potential solutions. Again this bit is down to you!  It could be the best hearing aid in the world, but if you're not happy wearing it, it will be the worst in your eyes!  Cosmetics and comfort are important and we will be led by you as to what you will be happy to use. We will use our experience and explain what route we would go down and why, but ultimately you will be the one wearing the device, so we will make sure you are 100% happy with style, level of technology and cost before we go any further.  Rest assured we have 60 days to trial the aids, and if for whatever reason you want to change then we are happy to do so. They are going to be with you for some time so its important they're right.

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