Wax Removal

Micro-Suction Wax Removal


 Wax removal home visit service 

PL1 to PL21 £70 (1 or 2 ears cleared)


Other postcode areas £75.00 (1 or 2 Ears)

Visits to us at one of our clinics (see below for details)


£55 (1 or 2 ears)

No wax found at booked appointment, indicating another problem is charged at £25 for Otoscopy.

This includes health check of both ears, with wax removed from one or two ears. All equipment is single use. Regulated PPE always worn.

If a follow up visit is required, the first revisit is included in the price. Subsequent visits for chronic issues will incur a second fee.

For Wax Removal for greater travelling distances please contact us for costs.

To help us see more people we are running 3 clinics to be able to see more people. Clinic costs (see below) are less than a home visit.

The first clinic is in Plymouth at the Moments Cafe in New George Street (next to the post office) 

Parking is nearby, there is a fantastic cafe below, and the clinic room is upstairs, with lift access. Spaces are limited.

The second clinic is being run at Neetside Community Centre in Bude. Easy to reach with parking. We are there every other Tuesday.

And our newest clinic which we are really excited about is at Iconic Opticians in Plymstock Broadway.

Please contact us to secure your slot.

Micro-suction wax removal

Its a familiar story. You have blocked ears, but GP surgeries are more and more reluctant to remove using traditional water irrigation (syringing) methods....or they will ask you to apply oil for a long time!

More and more people are turning to private practices for Micro-suction.  Micro-suction is now the most popular method of removing wax blockages in the ear canal.

Micro-suction is a pain free experience that even rarely needs the use of oils. Gentle suction and vacuuming using specialist equipment normally clears the blockage on the first attempt. For stubborn blockages a second appointment maybe necessary but this is not common.

Moor Hearing Audiologist Lee Rogers has successfully passed a supervised micro-suction course, enabling me to perform this procedure.

Please take care with your ears.  Always see a professional who is within the industry and has the relevant experience in Audiology.

We operate out of various day centres around Devon and Cornwall, but because we have chosen specific equipment, We are also able to offer an 'at home' wax removal service too. Ideal for people less mobile, or for friends and family members that may reside in a residential or care home.


Micro-suction Costs

Consultation Fee £25

This covers a  full health check of your ears.  If for some reason there is no wax present (ie it is a middle ear problem rather than a wax problem) then this will be the consultation fee.   If there 'is' a blockage to remove, then the consultation fee is included in the prices below, it is NOT an extra cost.

Home Visit Micro-suction

£75 for 2 ears & £65 for 1 ear

Clinic Visit Micro-suction

£55 for 1 or 2 ears.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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