Testing by KUDUwave

The Gold Standard of Home Testing!

We are bringing the Sound Booth to your Home!

The Accuracy of your hearing test is of upmost importance to us.  The results help us to program Hearing Solutions exactly to your prescription, and not a 'close to' your prescription scenario!

Silence is Golden...and so is our level of test equipment. We are bringing the Sound Proof Booth to your living room!  For so long  people have been tested outside of a booth, or in their home with background noise, and now this is no longer the case!

We, Hearing Care Professionals are proud to have invested into the best home testing Audiometer available, The KUDUwave.  Using a mix of Ear Inserts and noise cancelling Headphones together, we can provide the most accurate test you will have. There is no other supplier locally using this level of equipment.

Unique to KUDUwave, Ambi-Dome is the combination of physical passive noise blocking and active noise monitoring technology that provides the core boothless testing ability of every KUDUwave Audiometer.

Active Noise Monitoring is an additional assurance against intermittent peaks in noise. During a hearing test, ambient sound is monitored by integrated external microphones in real-time. This is simultaneously compared to the intensity and frequency of the tone being presented.

If noise will affect the tone presented it is marked and displayed on the live audiogram view. We are then able to pause testing until the noise subsides or manually repeat the tone later in the test. Noise levels will also be indicated on the final report as a quality control measure.

So rest assured that you will have a test like you have not had before, and one which will allow us to provide the most accurate of results.

Check your hearing using the link below. Headphones and a quiet environment required.


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