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Discreet Hearing aids from £995 Pair!

IIC (Invisible in the Canal) from £1295 Pair

Whats Included?

Most aids with 5 year Warranty

60 Day Trial on All Aids

Full Lifetime Aftercare

FREE TV Links with most Aids

Discounts for Veterans and Blue Card Holders

Priced Per PAIR

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Brand New Paradise Platform from Phonak available Here!

Unrivaled Sound quality &






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Bronze - For easy listening situations

Silver - For Ocassional social situations in less noisy places

Gold - For Regular social situations where noise maybe louder

Moderately busy lifestyles

Platinum - For frequent social situations in lots of different noise level scenarios. Busy Lifestyles.

What This all means! - The different Style Available


The Marvel range is Phonak's latest model. Small, behind the ear aids that can wirelessly connect to your smartphone and supplied TV link.  The 'R' Represents Rechargeable, whilst the 312 represents the battery size (non Rechargeable).

The 'Virto' Aids are custom made In The Ear Devices. The smallest being the Titanium. The other sizes can be CIC, Canal, half shell and full shell depending on your needs.


The Discover Jump R Range is Unitron's latest Rechargeable devices. Small RIC devices that again will connect to your smartphone and included TV link. A single charge will last a full day.

The Moxi Fit is the same model but non-rechargeable. Still with the same wireless features, and slightly smaller than the rechargeable version.

The Moxi range are RIC devices. From the 700 upwards this also features the Moxi Now which is the smallest RIC hearing aid available. These are battery only models.

The Insera range covers all of the custom In The Ear made devices. Although Unitron do not have a Titanium model, they do have small IIC sizes available from Bronze Level upwards.  The bigger aids can also be wireless if so wished for possible connection to smartphones. These are battery only models.


The Livio aids come in 2 form factors.  The top of the range is the Livio EDGE AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is rechargeable (either custom or behind the ear), wireless for smartphone and TV connection, but can also monitor health, steps, or falls. Alongside some other unique features like voice commands, language translation, there's not a lot these aids cannot do.  

The Muse i range is Starkey's custom made In the Ear Devices. Available in sizes IIC and upwards. From the CIC size you can have them wireless so that you can connect to smartphones and have binaural synchronisation between the aids.

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