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Welcome to Paradise!

Brand New Paradise Platform from Phonak available Here!

Unrivaled Sound quality &


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Bronze - For easy listening situations

Silver - For Ocassional social situations in less noisy places

Gold - For Regular social situations where noise maybe louder

Moderately busy lifestyles

Platinum - For frequent social situations in lots of different noise level scenarios. Busy Lifestyles.

What This all means! - The different Style Available


The Paradise range is Phonak's latest model. Small, behind the ear aids that can wirelessly connect to your smartphone and supplied TV link.  The 'R' Represents Rechargeable, whilst the 312 represents the battery size (non Rechargeable).

The 'Virto' Aids are custom made In The Ear Devices. The smallest being the Titanium. The other sizes can be CIC, Canal, half shell and full shell depending on your needs.


The Discover Move R Range is Unitron's latest Rechargeable devices. Small RIC devices that again will connect to your smartphone and included TV link. A single charge will last a full day.

The Moxi Fit is the same model but non-rechargeable. Still with the same wireless features, and slightly smaller than the rechargeable version.

The Moxi range are RIC devices. From the 700 upwards this also features the Moxi Now which is the smallest RIC hearing aid available. These are battery only models.

The Insera range covers all of the custom In The Ear made devices. Although Unitron do not have a Titanium model, they do have small IIC sizes available from Bronze Level upwards.  The bigger aids can also be wireless if so wished for possible connection to smartphones. These are battery only models.


The Livio aids come in 2 form factors.  The top of the range is the Livio EDGE AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is rechargeable (either custom or behind the ear), wireless for smartphone and TV connection, but can also monitor health, steps, or falls. Alongside some other unique features like voice commands, language translation, there's not a lot these aids cannot do.  

The Muse i range is Starkey's custom made In the Ear Devices. Available in sizes IIC and upwards. From the IIC size you can have them wireless so that you can connect to smartphones and have binaural synchronisation between the aids.

GN Resound

Great Nordic Resound are a danish company that screams innovation and quality. Having invented the first open fit hearing aid it comes as no surprise that their latest RIC device is showing off a brand new technology. The ONE M&RIE (Marie) devices feature a third microphone on the cable that sits in the ear to give you a more natural mic placement and exceptional sound.


Widex are another Danish manufacturer renowned for their quality. It is common in the industry to associate Widex with the most 'natural' sounding hearing devices. Their new  Moment  aids are not only the smallest rechargeable devices available but also features their new zero delay technology to make sound even more natural than before!


Signia/Sivantos are one of the largest manufacturers of hearing devices in the world. At Moor Hearing we love an aid that brings innovation to the table, whether that be in design or technology, and the two Signia Aids that we have chosen have both in abundance. The Styletto is an eye catching design indeed!

with a longer, thinner design it stands out from the crowd in a range of great colours. Great for people with not a lot of space behind their ears. The charger will also hold a charge so when storing the aids they are also recharging too!

The Silk is a device unique to the marketplace currently. Lots of people want 'Invisible' aids, but also a comfortable aid. The Silk requires no molds so can be obtained really quickly. The fit is universal (with the right dome) and the comfort is great. Discreet, comfortable and feature packed. 

Hearing Aid Styles & Models

Choosing a hearing aid thats right for you is not an easy task! With so many manufacturers, so many styles, and lots of different prices its easy to get lost in a minefeld of options!  We will be there to help and guide you through the process, making sure you have the right solution for your needs, but its also useful to have an idea of what you may prefer to wear, and if there are any unique features that you or your family may benefit from.

Below you will find an overview of the models on our pricelist, what they look like, and their main features.  We are always happy to delve deeper into these features at your consultation.

Phonak are a Swiss company with a reputation for innovation and quality sound reproduction.

We feature 4 of their main form types. Their Marvel 2.0 aids have been extremely well received by Audiologists and Hearing Aid users and are hugely popular.

Offering excellent sound and build quality with some fantastic noise reduction qualities on the higher models.  They are both RIC (Receiver in the Canal) models and extremely discreet, one which is rechargeable and one which takes batteries. 

The rechargeable is the popular choice, offering a full days use from a 2hr charge.  The battery version has a smaller form factor, but batteries will have to be changed.

All models feature full wireless connectivity, meaning you can connect your aids to your phone, tablet, and the TV, meaning your FREE TV kit with these models will deliver exceptional results.

We also offer two custom made aids for people who either want a more cosmetic choice or a different style.

The Phonak Titanium is the only hearing aid made with metal. The durability is obviously second to none, and because the shell can be so thin it means the hearing aid can go deeper into the canal. Often invisible but that depends on the anatomy of your ear. Being so small it does'nt featue any wireless connectivity options, but for people who want a discreet option this is the best choice.

For people who still want a custom option, but maybe something a little easier to handle, we have the Phonak Virto B range. From small canal aids to larger aids for power, we have the option to fit any loss. Some of the sizes do have the capability of being wireless but you will need to  have an accessory on your person.

If Connectivity is important to you then you need look no further than Phonak Paradise. 

The Video to the left features well known Vlogger Dr Cliff, who helps to explain some features of the recently launched and updated APP from Phonak.

Having the ability to connect to 2 separate devices, and being able to do that with either Android or iOS, makes this a popular choice for many.

Starkey are a long running hearing company from the US. The biggest hearing aid supplier in America.  They produce innovative and reliable hearing solutions and we are proud to carry their premium line of Livio aids, of which the Livio AI sits at the top with some outstanding features, of the likes we haven't seen before.


The AI stands for artificial intelligence. This is not your normal hearing aid! A few of the features are completely unique. There is a health and brain tracker, a bit like having a fit bit on your ear. Monitoring and recording your daily activity, but also your social activity as interaction with other people helps towards a healthy brain!

Other features include a language translator built in, the ability to use it with an Amazon Alexa device, and some efficient noise management. However we are most impressed with the embedded fall detector.  The accelerometers built into the hearing aids can actually detect if the person wearing the aids has fallen over. It can then alert named contacts in the users phone and tell them of the fall. They will even get a location of the fall included. It truly is a fantastic addition and one that will give peace of mind to users but also to family members, especially when our part of the world can be remote in places. 

The aids are wireless (yes we supply a free of charge TV kit!), rechargeable and attractive. 

There are 4 technology levels available to suit everyone's individual needs.

Starkey have recently been featured in Time Magazine as one of the best Inventions for 2019 for their Livio AI hearing device!

Unitron is a global innovator based out of Canada.  They have a long history of over 50 years of technological innovation, which may account for its status as one of the most successful and fastest growing hearing aid manufacturers in the world.  Unitron support independents like ourselves as they understand the importance of strong relationships between provider and end user.

We will only provide the most upto date solutions, so we are proud to provide the Discover Jump RT rechargeable range, custom made aids, and the award winning Moxi NOW aids, which are still the smallest behind the ear aids available.

The Discover range will give you all day use from the excellent rechargeable battery, and will happily connect to your Tv, Phone, and a loop system if you're on a night out to the Theatre. Featuring excellent sound and a smartphone APP that will give you lots of options, it is easy to see why Unitron is the choice for many!

Unitron feature heavily in our start up offers. We will provide a FREE TV Link, and a FREE Power pack to clip onto the charger, providing an additional weeks worth of charging without the need to plug in!

There are lots of technology levels to suit everyone's needs, and rechargeable packages are even available in the Bronze Range. Unitron packages offer excellent value for money, combined with lots of features.

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