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If Connectivity is important to you then you need look no further than Phonak Marvel 2.0. 

The Video to the left features well known Vlogger Dr Cliff, who helps to explain some features of the recently launched and updated APP from Phonak.

Having the ability to connect to 2 separate devices, and being able to do that with either Android or iOS, makes this a popular choice for many.

Starkey have recently been featured in Time Magazine as one of the best Inventions for 2019 for their Livio AI hearing device!

Unitron is a global innovator based out of Canada.  They have a long history of over 50 years of technological innovation, which may account for its status as one of the most successful and fastest growing hearing aid manufacturers in the world.  Unitron support independents like ourselves as they understand the importance of strong relationships between provider and end user.

We will only provide the most upto date solutions, so we are proud to provide the Discover Jump RT rechargeable range, custom made aids, and the award winning Moxi NOW aids, which are still the smallest behind the ear aids available.

The Discover range will give you all day use from the excellent rechargeable battery, and will happily connect to your Tv, Phone, and a loop system if you're on a night out to the Theatre. Featuring excellent sound and a smartphone APP that will give you lots of options, it is easy to see why Unitron is the choice for many!

Unitron feature heavily in our start up offers. We will provide a FREE TV Link, and a FREE Power pack to clip onto the charger, providing an additional weeks worth of charging without the need to plug in!

There are lots of technology levels to suit everyone's needs, and rechargeable packages are even available in the Bronze Range. Unitron packages offer excellent value for money, combined with lots of features.

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