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Lee Rogers RHAD, MSHAA


Having had over 14 years of experience within national and domiciliary companies, including most recently Boots Hearing Care where I spent 7 years as the audiologist in Plymouth, I am very knowledgeable in everything regarding your ears and your hearing. From completing ear health checks, testing, explaining, recommending, and even removing wax, I will be there to help every step of the way. 

Family, friends and morals are all highly important to me, and I approach every new appointment and patient in a way that I would want my own parents and family to be treated.

I want to be 'The' local audiologist to go to, and I want to remain local too as it's important to help maintain the best customer care.  My aim is to cover most Devon & Cornwall postcodes so that I can serve my patients well.  I have worked for company's where one day I would be in Brighton and the next in Penzance and being spread that wide just doesn't work for the customer, and there are far too many offering this type of service.

 The great thing about being in the hearing care profession is that you will never be static with your knowledge. Hearing aids, connectivity, testing equipment and methods have changed greatly over the last 14 years, and it requires the audiologist to move with this too!

I thoroughly embrace new technology, attend the training, and get to know the equipment and what they are capable of inside and out.  I want to be able to provide my patients the best possible solutions for their lifestyle.....change should be embraced and you will only find the most up to date solutions from Moor Hearing.

So, even if you are just interested in your hearing results, need help quickly and safely removing some wax, or want to discuss hearing solutions or ear protection then I will be happy to give you my time, honest opinion and undivided attention....I may just ask for the kettle to go on (when we can remove our maks!)

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Moor Hearing Offer personalised, professional Hearing Care services from the comfort of your own home, by Lee Rogers and Peter Aylett (RHAD, HCPC Registered).


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